Jabborate for WebEx for SharePoint

Add virtual meetings and conference calls to your SharePoint

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Overview in 10 seconds

Jabborate adds real-time communications to your productivity and collaboration systems. Jabborate for WebEx is a key component of the Jabborate solution that integrates all WebEx functionality to your SharePoint.

Features available now

Jabborate for WebEx adds the following new communication features

  • Conference calls
  • HD video calls
  • Content sharing

Capabilities in detail

WebEx is a cloud-based solution for conducting online meetings from Cisco. Jabborate for WebEx extends your SharePoint by adding Cisco WebEx meeting functionalities. In addition to the voice and video features, you can share agendas, files, meeting notes, recordings before, during, and after a meeting. The integration is via Jabber SDK for Web, specifically the WebEX API's library.


You can initiate a meeting directly from your SharePoint, schedule follow-up activities, post comments on content, and everything else you expect from a WebEx meeting. When you first join a WebEx meeting, you will need to install the Cisco WebEx Add-On in your browser. Once you follow a meeting URL, the WebEx meeting starts. With Jabborate for WebEx, you have the option to create a group WebEx meeting or choose an “instant” one-to-one meeting. The group meeting allows you to add participants from your system’s user directory. The “instant” meeting automates the creation of a WebEx meeting by presetting participants (you and your desired attendee) and time (current time). You can immediately start the WebEx session.


Jabborate for WebEx adds a calendar widget, which contains information for all the meetings in the WebEx Server. Scheduled WebEx meetings are indicated on the calendar with a different color. Clicking on that particular date will show you a list of meetings along with brief information for each one. Jabborate for WebEx will update its calendar widget automatically to ensure you have up-to-date meeting information. By following the meeting details link, you get information about the meeting’s attendees, the URL and password for the meeting, as well as any shared documents. Clicking the meeting URL will open a new browser window and load Cisco WebEx Add-On. After a successful login, the WebEx meeting starts.

In order to create a new scheduled meeting, you can simply click on the start date in the Calendar widget and the “New scheduled meeting” dialog will open. The dialog will include all your connections, so you can create a list of meeting participants, define the subject, and set start date and duration.

IBM SmartCloud

Jabborate will support IBM SmartCloud deployments as well as on-premise. The SmartCloud requires a different approach to the integration (server-side vs client-side) but the end-user experience is identical.

User Experience

Jabborate for WebEx adds a calendar as well as an “instant” meeting button that follow the looks and feel of SharePoint. This integrated, streamlined user experience improves end-user engagement and adoption, while minimizing the need to continuously switch between applications.


Jabborate for WebEx will use the same SharePoint window for all meetings. Since all of tabs are “child” windows, the user information remains secure: if the end-user logs off SharePoint, all child windows will be closed automatically.

Extend Jabborate to open platforms

Jabborate adds real-time communication options to everyone using Drupal and Wordpress inside the enterprise.


Jabber integration with Microsoft SharePoint

Find out our Jabber integration with IBM Connections presentation which provides detailed information about features as well as a demonstration.