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Offer real-time communications to users outside the enterprise

Overview in 10 seconds

Jabber Guest offers users outside the enterprise the ability to connect to specific endpoints via a web browser. It complements Jabborate, which adds realtime communications to users inside the corporate network.

Features available now

Jabber Guest adds communication options for guests:

  • Voice or video
  • Browser access
  • Firewall traversal

Capabilities in detail

Jabber is an open standard communication protocol (XMPP), as well as an enterprise-level communications solution from Cisco. Jabber Guest offers realtime communication options to anyone outside the enterprise via a web browser or a mobile device. It is integrated with Cisco Expressway product line for firewall traversal, as well as Cisco Unified Communication Manager (UCM). By extending Jabborate with Jabber Guest, you get a comprehensive real-time communication solution that includes both internal and external users.


Jabber Guest is the perfect solution for enterprises who would like to extend real-time communications to users outside the enterprise, including customers, partners, or suppliers.

In addition to relationship-building communications, Jabber Guest also allows one-time interactions with the various departments within the enterprise: technical support, sales, etc.

Finally, Jabber Guest can offer temporary guest access to partners, suppliers, or various third parties, who need to reach various stakeholders within the enterprise.

How it works

When you would like to offer someone outside the enterprise a channel to contact you, you simply create a custom link within Jabber Guest’s administration. Anyone who clicks the link will be able to contact you directly via Cisco Unified Communication Manager. The link currently requires the user to download the Jabber Guest plugin. As browsers implement WebRTC, the interaction will be streamlined even further.

Sales departments or technical support departments can create links and post them to the company website or add them to support tickets or automated email responders. Users who clicks on one of these links will be routed to an available endpoint within the corresponding department.

User Experience

Jabber Guest offers a streamlined user experience that ensures that everyone who can click a link and press a button will be able to communicate with the right person within your enterprise. Features such as video preview and audio/video muting allow the user to remain confident that the interaction is within his or her control.

Extend Jabborate to IBM Notes

Now, you can add Jabber features to IBM Notes. Unlike Jabborate, which uses Jabber SDK for Web, the Jabber integration for IBM Notes comes as plugin that could be deployed individual clients or to the whole enterprise. It adds realtime communication options like presence, click-to-chat, click-to-call, click-to-dial, and more. It features full integration with IBM Notes LiveNames and LiveText.

Web-based, end-to-end communications with Jabber SDK

The combination of Jabber Guest (for external users) and Jabber SDK for Web for the enterprise users creates a secure communication platform that is 100% web-based. The advantages of the web-based communications options are: universal web client, ubiquitous communications, easy of deployment and administration. More about Jabber SDK for Web from Cisco DevNet.


Jabber integration with Microsoft SharePoint

You can download Jabber Guest integration presentation which provides an overview of Jabber Guest benefits as well as use cases.

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