Jabborate for Exchange for IBM Connections

Add a calendar widget and communication scheduling to your IBM Connections

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Overview in 10 seconds

Jabborate adds real-time communications to your productivity and collaboration systems. Jabborate for Exchange adds easy access to your organization’s Exchange calendar in the form of a widget that can be embedded in your IBM Connections. It also adds scheduling functionality for real-time communications via the Jabber SDK for Web and WebEx integrations offered as part of Jabborate.

Features available now

Jabborate for Exchange adds the following new communication features

  • Calendar widget
  • Schedule calls
  • Schedule meetings

Capabilities in detail

Exchange is a calendaring software, a mail server, and contact manager by Microsoft. When your organization uses Exchange server, all your emails and calendar events are accessible via a desktop client like Outlook. Jabborate for Exchange adds a calendar widget that is embedded in your IBM Connections which makes it accessible to everyone.


The calendar widget uses color-coding to indicate events. Clicking on a highlighted date will display a list of all events along with a short description for each one. Information about individual meetings is also available by clicking the specific event. Jabborate for Exchange will update its calendar widget automatically to ensure you have up-to-date meeting information.

Jabborate for Exchange also adds scheduling functionality that is integrated with the other Jabborate components. You can schedule a meeting via WebEx or one-to-one communication via Jabber directly from the calendar widget embedded in your IBM Connections.

In order to create a new scheduled meeting, you can simply click on the start date in the Calendar widget and the “New scheduled meeting” dialog will open. The dialog will include all your connections, so you can create a list of participants, define the meeting's subject, and set start date and duration.

IBM SmartCloud

Jabborate will support IBM SmartCloud deployments as well as on-premise. The SmartCloud requires a different approach to the integration (server-side vs client-side) but the end-user experience is identical.

User Experience

Jabborate for Exchange provides end users with information about all events in your Exchange server without the need to switch to an Exchange server standalone client. It also adds new scheduling functionality that has the look and feel of IBM Connections. This integrated, streamlined user experience improves end-user engagement and adoption, while minimizing the need to continuously switch between applications.

Extend Jabborate to IBM Notes

Now, you can add Jabber features to IBM Notes. Unlike Jabborate, which uses Jabber SDK for Web, the Jabber integration for IBM Notes comes as plugin that could be deployed individual clients or to the whole enterprise. It adds realtime communication options like presence, click-to-chat, click-to-call, click-to-dial, and more. It features full integration with IBM Notes LiveNames and LiveText.

Extend Jabborate to open platforms

Jabborate adds real-time communication options to everyone using Drupal and Wordpress inside the enterprise.


You can download Jabborate for IBM Connections presentation which provides detailed information about features as well as a demonstration. A short, single-page presentation is also available.